Auxiliary Police

Greenburgh's Auxiliary Police department is comprised of men and women who are interested in serving their community as auxiliary police officers. Todays auxiliary police officers continue a long tradition of service to the people of the Town of Greenburgh.

Duties & Responsibilities

Auxiliary Police are volunteers who assist the regular department during times of declared emergency, disaster or war. Outside of these instances the duties of auxiliary officers are limited to participation in various training programs which prepare them for their roles in the event of an emergency.


Generally, this training involves assisting the regular department with traffic and crowd control at:

  • Busy intersections
  • Carnivals
  • Church crossings
  • Parade
  • Etc.
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Traffic Control

Traffic control and other details normally occur on weekends but special events sometime require participation during the week.

Basic Course for Peace Officers

New auxiliary members receive the "Basic Course for Peace Officers" training given by the Municipal Police Training Council at the Westchester County Police Academy. Additionally, auxiliary members meet monthly to receive classroom instruction by officers from the Police Department Training Unit.

Supplies & Annual Dinner

Uniforms, badges and identification cards are supplied to each member and the department sponsors an annual dinner to show its appreciation for the many hundreds of hours of volunteer assistance provided annually by the force. Individual achievements by Auxiliary members are also recognized at the annual dinner.

Worker's Compensation Law & Other Local Statutes

During training drills or while actually assisting during a declared disaster or emergency, Auxiliary Officers are protected by Worker's Compensation Law and other local statutes.