Freedom of Information

Pursuant to recently enacted law, the department has established a way for the public to electronically request records under the Freedom of Information Law. This process involves a few easy steps downloading our Freedom of Information Request Form, filling in the appropriate fields in the form on your computer and emailing the form to us. We will respond to your request within five business days of receipt of your request via email or telephone.


Since you will be leaving this page to download the form, it is strongly suggested that you print this instruction page now for your reference.


Following are step-by-step instructions to complete this process:

  1. View the Freedom of Information Form (DOC)
  2. Complete the top section of the form only
  3. Click File and then Save As
  4. In the Save In field, browse to and select Desktop (or any other folder you will remember)
  5. In the File Name field, type a file name you will be able to easily recognize. (Example: Susans FOIL Request)
  6. Click Save. The completed request form will now be saved to your desktop folder (or other folder of your choice)
  7. Open your email program, sign in and choose the option to compose a new email
  8. Address the email to the Greenburgh Police Department
  9. In the Subject space, type “FOIL Request” followed by your name. (Example: FOIL Request Susan Jones)
  10. It is not necessary to type anything in the message area but you may enter pertinent comments if you wish
  11. Click the Attachment link (or button), browse to your saved FOIL Request form on the Desktop and attach it to your email
  12. Send the email
  13. The Records Access Officer will contact you via email or phone within five business days