Final Water Reading

When there is a change in occupancy of a dwelling a final water reading is scheduled by the departing tenants/owners.  The final water reading enables us to read the meter between billing cycles. We will then be able to capture water usage from the last bill until that point in time, which should be scheduled 2-3 days prior to closing or departure from the dwelling. It also enables us to physically check the existing meter in the house to make sure it is working properly and the assigned meter number matches our records.

The correct spelling of the new owner’s/occupants name must be known at the time the appointment is booked. Appointments can only be scheduled weekdays between 8am and 2pm.  The fee for the final water reading is $43. 

Someone must be available to allow us into the house to conduct this final reading.  The water account number does not change since it is assigned to the property not the resident.  The day after the final water reading the bill can be paid online at the Town of Greenburgh website.  The new owner’s name will be noted on the site but as long as the payment amount is correct (which can be verified with us) the final payment should be made. The day after the payment is made online a paid receipt can be emailed. Please provide us with the email when you book the appointment. 

Appointments must be made by completing a FINAL WATER READING REQUEST FORM and emailing it to the Water Department at Please note, appointments can only be scheduled when you can provide us with the new owner/occupant’s name and a date/time that someone is available to let us into the house. 

If you prefer to make a payment the day of the reading it can be made in person with a check or money order and dropped off at our new office at 177 Hillside Avenue, please call ahead with the check number and the time you will arrive so that the receipt will be ready for you to pick up.   Thank you, please call the office at 989-1900 if you have any other questions.