Councilman Francis Sheehan

"Francis Sheehan has served on the Town Board since 2006. He is liaison to the Antenna Review Board, Hartsdale Contextual Review Committee, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, and, among many other committees and assignments, chaired the Town's Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, which created the town's first "comprehensive" Comprehensive Plan. The resulting Comprehensive Plan was chosen to be honored with a commendation for outstanding planning achievement by the Westchester Municipal Planning Federation in its annual planning awards competition. The Westchester County Planning Board stated that the town's Comprehensive Plan "is the result of more than seven years of work that began with the first draft in 2008. The high level of detail in the plan is evidence of the years of work that went into creating this document which may be the most encyclopedic comprehensive plan we have in our files from Westchester municipalities.”