Fort Hill Road & Ardsley Road Intersection Safety

The Town of Greenburgh engaged Provident Design Engineering (PDE) to review the busy Fort Hill Road and Ardsley Road intersection and make recommendations to improve the safety at this intersection for both pedestrians and drivers. This intersection is troubled by a high rate of traffic incidents. Currently, the intersection is controlled with a 4-way stop and no marked crosswalks. The study aims to improve the functionality and safety at this intersection.

PDE prepared a draft report (Traffic Analysis Report) and presented this draft to the public on September 23 at a meeting with the Southern Greenville Association.

The study is updated following comments from residents, Town staff, and the Greenburgh Police (Neighborhood Traffic Meeting Follow-up Response Memorandum).

Update as of May 14, 2020:

On May 14, 2020 the Town hosted a video conference (watch here) with our traffic consultant, PDE, Town staff, and members of the ECC and neighborhood associations in the immediate vicinity of the intersection.  PDE presented their most recent intersection analysis, traffic modeling, possible improvement scenarios, and discussed these with community on the call.  We welcome your comments to this project at